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We’ve had several Fraud cases last few months. You can prevent it and we want to make sure that you do.

What is Telecoms Fraud?

Telecommunication Fraud appears in many forms. Your telephone system has a public facing IP address for remote access set up for maintenance reasons. The hackers run a software programme that seeks out these IP addresses and sends across engineer text to try and gain access to the telephone system using default passwords. If your telephone system has a default access password set up, entry to the software is granted and the Fraudster can take full control of the back end system, granting them access to make calls remotely. Although this is the most common way to gain access to telephone systems, there are other ways in too; please read carefully our tips below to help secure your telephone system.

Further Information

BBC recently ran a documentary surrounding Telecommunication Fraud, for further information and examples, read the article on the BBC site.

Top Tips to Avoid Telephone Systems Scams

Telephones are the lifeline of most businesses and you can’t afford to lose contact with your customers. Arming yourself with knowledge and implementing best practice is your best protection against telecoms fraud. Taking a few simple measures to safeguard your business could save you thousands of pounds – call us on 01928 444 100 for a free no-obligation review. 

Who is liable?

Unfortunately there is only one party who is liable for the cost of these fraudulent calls, and that is you. Ofcom have ruled that the owner of the equipment that has been hacked is liable for the cost of the calls. This is why it is vital that you have every measure in place to prevent your telephone system being hacked. For further information on the liability rulings, please visit the Ofcom website.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you avoid telecoms fraud.

Find out how we can help you avoid telecoms fraud

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